Residents feel the benefit of new therapy rooms

The Residents at Culverhayes are already seeing the benefits of their new, state-of-the-art sensory room.

 The room has specialist sensory equipment such as a wall projector, glow lamp, bubble tube, waterfall and a scent diffuser. Residents have reacted well to the room, with some Residents reluctant to leave after a session with the Activities Coordinators!

 Visitors can also use the room when visiting their loved ones and have found the room to be a peaceful place to spend time together.

 Woodside Nursing Home has created a Reminiscence room which is designed to look like an old 1950’s parlor.  Our Activities Coordinator at Woodside has collected vintage items such as type writers, tea sets and board games to help set the mood. Visitors have also contributed by donating items such as beautiful old fashioned chairs.

 Residents at Woodside have already enjoyed sharing stories about their past in the familiar and comfortable surroundings.