7 years of The Orangery Nursing Home! 

Yesterday we Celebrated 7 years of The Orangery Nursing Home!
We also said goodbye to our Chef – Henrietta, as it was her last day working with us at Cedar Care Homes. All staff, residents and relatives enjoyed listening to the live saxophone, eating the lovely buffet and most of all, Henrietta’s homemade cake. Happy 7th Anniversary Orangery and farewell Henrietta, from all the Cedar Care Homes family, we wish you the best of luck for the future!

Evelyns 105th Birthday!

Last Friday on the 23rd of November one of our amazing residents Mrs. Evelyn Scudamore turned 105 years old!!

Living in and around Bristol all of her life and the eldest of 9 siblings, Evelyn has always been known for her loving, caring and warm personality.

From the age of 17 Evelyn worked in the care industry as a mental health nurse. Her first job was at the Fox’s Hospital, (now known as Brislington House) before moving onto Stapleton Hospital, where she looked after soldiers suffering with mental health issues following WW2.

On Friday we held a small gathering of close friends and family for Evelyn, popped a bottle of bubbly, enjoyed a slice of cake, danced and listened to some of Evelyn and her families fantastic stories.

Evelyn said “Thank you to everyone for coming, although I’m at a great age, I still have my memories”

When we asked her what the secret of her long life was she replied “Plenty of cabbage!!”

Evelyn is certainly well loved at Gracefields Nursing Home, by both the carers and residents alike and a true inspiration to all of us. We would all like to take this opportunity to say a massive Happy Birthday to her!

Lombard Rac Rally Cars visited our Resident in St. Teresa’s in Bath!

On the 20th of October at St Theresa’s in Bath, we had a very special visit from some of the Lombard Rac Rally Cars, after their race around the city.

The City of Bath first had the honour of hosting the rally in 1976 when one of our residents, Joe Hawkins participated in the race.

Alongside his co driver Borjessen Ruben they claimed 17th place from over 200 cars, which earn’t him local hero status over night.

Joe greeted the drivers sporting his Lombard Racing Championship coat and was met with hugs and handshakes all round. He was also very surprised to see his son had driven up in his old racing car which he couldn’t wait to have a good look around.

After exchanging stories and jokes for little while, Joe wanted to hear the sound of the engines as the cars tore off down the road. When the sound had finally disappeared into the distance he turned back and said, “Well that was absolutely fantastic”.

We would like to thank all the drivers for taking the time to come and visit us and allowing Joe to relive those nostalgic memories.

“Zoo to You” Sessions in Aabletone

Some more pictures from the Zoo to You Sessions, this time from Aabletone Nursing and Residential Home in Bristol.



Bristol Zoo to You in our Homes!

Yesterday at Oakhill Mansions Nursing Home we had an exciting visit from Bristol Zoo Gardens. Our residents and staff had the pleasure of meeting Lilly, a very friendly spider, a Giant Tiger snail, a glamorous stick insect and a lovely pair of giant cockroaches. Our residents bravely held and stroked all the animals and learned a lot of interesting facts about them.

The Zoo to You Sessions will continue this and next week around all of our care homes in Bristol.

Alzheimer’s Memory Walk at Culverhayes

We recently organised an Alzheimer’s Memory Walk at Culverhayes Nursing Home in Bath. Initially due to bad weather conditions we had to postpone the event but with lovely weather on the following Saturday, many of our staff and residents made it out and completed the 6-mile trek. Along the way we managed to raise an amazing £408 for the Alzheimer’s Society from your kind donations.

We would like to take this opportunity to say well done to everyone that took part and thank you to everyone that donated.

If you’d also like to contribute, please simply go on our Facebook page and under the “Alzheimer’s Memory Walk” post, please click on the “Donate” button and follow instructions. Thank you!

7th birthday celebrations for Bristol Community Plant Project

We’d like to thank Bristol Zoo Gardens for inviting us to such a special event last week – the seventh year of the award-winning Bristol Community Plant Project. We’re very proud to be sponsors of Bristol Zoo Gardens and are supporting the project by growing calendula plants in our care homes across Bristol;

Aabletone Nursing and Residential Home

Oakhill Mansions

Saville Manor Nursing Home

Gracefields Nursing Home

Check out the link below for more information on the project and for a great day out, why not pay a visit to see the wonderful displays for yourself.

Birthday Celebrations for Bristol Community Plant Project


Wedding at St. Teresa’s Nursing and Residential Home

We had a pleasure of hosting a wonderful Wedding at one of our nursing homes in Bath. Clive and Karen got married in St Teresa’s, sharing their special moment with their lovely mum – Kathleen.

Congratulations and best of luck to the Bride and Groom from all of the
Cedar Care Homes family!

Gender Pay Gap analysis gives positive result to Cedar Care


Cedar Care Group comprises a number of companies. Two of these companies are covered by the requirements of the Gender Pay Gap reporting requirements.

The results of the survey has shown that Cedar Care is fully compliant with equality regulations regarding pay for males and females that are employed by the company and although the reporting requirements only reflect two of the companies, the evaluation process was conducted across all the companies and similar results were received on a Home by Home basis.

The directors believe that the outcome of this exercise shows that the company policy of implementing a fair and structured remuneration policy has been accurately reflected in the results returned.

The details of the two companies that were required to report are:


Barker Care Ltd

Male Mean Hourly Rate                                £8.62

Female Mean Hourly Rate                           £10.13

Mean Gender Pay Gap                               -18%

Male Median Hourly Rate                             £7.83

Female Median Hourly Rate                         £8.10

Median Gender Pay Gap                            -3%



Cedar Care Ltd

Male Mean Hourly Rate                                £9.08

Female Mean Hourly Rate                            £9.91

Mean Gender Pay Gap                                -9.10%

Male Median Hourly Rate                             £8.10

Female Median Hourly Rate                         £8.10

Median Gender Pay Gap                              0.00%