Residents marry at Culverhayes Nursing Home!

Rose and John have been together for 18 years and both live at Culverhayes Care Centre. One Leap Year Rose took the opportunity to propose to John, and together they started planning their big day. The happy couple decided they would like to get married at Culverhayes as then they could be surrounded by their friends including many of the staff and Residents.

As the Big Day got closer, Rose and John decided on a colour scheme of pink and blue and requested a cake with their names on. When asked if they had any special requests for the reception buffet John asked for butterscotch angel delight and Rose requested lots of different flavoured crisps!

The day itself was a little overcast but this did not dampen anyone’s spirits. Rose looked beautiful in a lilac two piece with a floral headband and the groom was very smartly dressed too. After a specially arranged visit from the hairdresser Rose and John left for the registry office and returned a happily married couple.

In the afternoon staff, visitors and Residents came together in the Culverhayes conservatory (full to the brim with balloons and flowers) to witness a blessing performed by the local church. Joseph, a nurse at Culverhayes, gave Rose away and John’s carer, Gilbert was his best man.

After the service Carol, a real favorite entertainer in the homes, arrived to entertain everyone. The champagne was popped and all the guests tucked into the delicious buffet. Ash and Minal Desai (the company CEO and Operations Director) made an appearance to wish the couple all the best and raise a toast to their future together.

All in all it was a very special day, congratulations Rose and John!

Cedar Care Chefs win prestigious award.

At Cedar Care we value the importance of good food. Our chefs and kitchen staff work hard to ensure the kitchens are in top condition so were especially pleased when two Cedar Care Homes won a Food Hygiene Award.

The award is presented by Bath and North East Somerset Council in recognition of achieving an outstanding level of Food and Safety Practice.

Congratulations to our kitchen staff at Culverhayes Care Centre and Woodside Nursing Home!

Residents feel the benefit of new therapy rooms

The Residents at Culverhayes are already seeing the benefits of their new, state-of-the-art sensory room.

 The room has specialist sensory equipment such as a wall projector, glow lamp, bubble tube, waterfall and a scent diffuser. Residents have reacted well to the room, with some Residents reluctant to leave after a session with the Activities Coordinators!

 Visitors can also use the room when visiting their loved ones and have found the room to be a peaceful place to spend time together.

 Woodside Nursing Home has created a Reminiscence room which is designed to look like an old 1950’s parlor.  Our Activities Coordinator at Woodside has collected vintage items such as type writers, tea sets and board games to help set the mood. Visitors have also contributed by donating items such as beautiful old fashioned chairs.

 Residents at Woodside have already enjoyed sharing stories about their past in the familiar and comfortable surroundings.

The theatre comes to Cedar Care!

Many of our Residents were keen theatre goers in their youth but now have trouble with mobility, so we thought Cedar Care decided to bring the theatre to them instead!

Once a month a talented new company, The Strolling Players, visit one of the Cedar Care Homes to entertain the visitors with sketches, poems and songs.

Residents are encouraged to don their glad rags and everybody enjoys a trip down memory lane joining in with classics such as the Pam Aryes poem ‘I wish I’d looked after me teeth.’