Culverhayes Nursing Home

The home, which was originally Culverhayes School, occupies a prime position at the highest point of Lymore Avenue, with spacious grounds and extensive views across Bath.

In keeping with current theories and practices relating to suitable environments for people with Dementia, the home has been decorated to enable stimulation and orientation. This has been achieved by applying different colour schemes in distinct areas in addition to special signage; this enables our residents to find their way and know where they are. There are themed pictures around the corridors that prompt reminiscence and a fully equipped sensory room.

The grounds contain safe and secure areas enabling residents to move freely. There is a sensory courtyard, a gardening patio and a walking trail that wraps around the rear part of the building.

Our residents have the convenience of a local corner shop, which is frequently visited for everyday items. The adjacent playing grounds also contribute to the real community atmosphere surrounding Culverhayes.

Types of Care

The home operates as three separate wings so that care and support can be focused to meet the varying types and levels of need of the people living in the home.

Culver and Lymore Wings
Mental Disorder and/or Dementia Nursing

Culver wing (19 bedrooms) and Lymore wing (20 bedrooms) provide nursing care for people who have dementia and / or mental disorders that result in complex behavioural issues. The primary aim is to understand the causes or triggers in the context of life history, personality, known habits and lifestyle, emotional health and medical conditions. Support or supervision is provided to overcome their difficulties, thereby preventing or reducing the behaviours, as far as possible. Here, people would receive high levels of psychological and nursing intervention and support or assistance with activities of daily living.

Hayes Wing
Dementia Nursing

Hayes wing (26 bedrooms) provides care for people who are in the middle to late stages of dementia and require emotional / psychological support in addition to nursing care for physical and medical conditions. The primary aim is to assess needs in the context of life history, personality, known habits and lifestyle, emotional health and medical conditions. High levels of encouragement and assistance are provided in daily living activities in accordance with individual choices and preferences while clinical health risks are managed.

We can facilitate long or short term care, respite, convalescence, placement whilst waiting for specialist external assessment for a permanent care package, hospital admission avoidance and packages for people with complex or unstable needs (Continuing Healthcare). Dedicated care is also provided for people who are approaching the end of their life.

Services included in basic fees

  • Accommodation, light, heat and water
  • Individual personal care and support, FNC is retained as nursing charges
  • All meals
  • Laundering of personal clothing and linen
  • Activities and entertainment

Services available at extra cost

  • Dry cleaning if required
  • Hairdressing
  • Chiropody
  • Opticians
  • Dentist
  • Personal clothing
  • Toiletries and other items of luxury or personal nature
  • Outings or day trips
  • Meals provided by the home for a friend or relative
  • Any therapies that are not referred by the NHS
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Phone calls as per individual charges
  • Private healthcare appointments
  • Transport to private outings or appointments.

What people said about us.

“My wife is very happy at Culverhayes and I could not wish my wife to be in a better place. All the staff are excellent at what they do for the residents.”: FAMILY MEMBER

“I have been in lots of care homes through out my life and this is by far the best one. I am the happiest I have been in a long time.”: RESIDENT

“I really like it here and the staff are lovely and many of them have become good friends of mine. The food here is really nice and the chef always cooks me what I want. Culverhayes is also a very social place to be.”: RESIDENT

“The high quality of care was always reassuring.”RELATIVE

“Three care homes gave up on challenge before she came to live in here.”: RELATIVE

"A lovely place to visit, to be perfectly honest, I think it is the best care home I have ever been in.": CHURCH MINISTER

What CQC said about us: Excerpts from the October 2013 Inspection Report

People said "staff are very kind" and "I like living here because staff will help me when I'm not feeling very well." We spoke with relatives who told us staff always spoke appropriately with people and were friendly and approachable. One relative told us staff always ensured their mother's hair was done the way she would have liked it. This meant people were treated with dignity and respect.

One relative told us their mother was not able to speak and had little communication. This relative said they had seen staff knock on their mother's door and explain about care without realising the relative was there. This meant people were respected and involved in their care.

One relative told us, "things are always going on, they go out and have organised activities. They get up and go to bed when they like. My (relative) had her hair done every fortnight." Another relative told us "they care about us too, no matter who's on duty, they'll always notice if someone's sad". We observed staff were attentive to people's needs. For example, when people were seated they knelt down in order to give the person their full attention. We saw staff helping people with different care needs such as assistance with eating and personal care. This meant care and support was appropriate and met individual needs.

We spoke with a visiting health professional who said, "I cannot speak highly enough of staff"

The visiting health professional we met on the day of our inspection, told us concerns about people's care were raised promptly by staff. This person said they believed the care people received was "very good" and staff followed professional advice.