Eden Mansions Nursing and Residential Home

Eden Mansions is situated in Styal, a tranquil suburb near Wilmslow in Cheshire. Homely in appearance and atmosphere and set amongst open fields, there is a feeling of being in the countryside, yet it is not far local amenities.

Eden Mansions surrounds a courtyard, and several exits onto secure gardens enables residents to move around freely without feeling restricted.

The interior has been decorated to help our residents find their way around, know where they are, and to stimulate their senses. This is in keeping with current theories and practices about suitable environments for people with Dementia. For example, we have applied different colour schemes in various areas and put up special signage. There are also themed pictures in the corridors which prompt reminiscence and we have a fully-equipped sensory room.

Types of Care

The home operates as three separate wings so that care and support can be provided to meet the different types and levels of need of our residents.

Capesthorne Wing
Residential Dementia

Capesthorne wing (27 bedrooms) provides care for people who are in the early to middle stages of dementia. We provide encouragement and support in daily living activities in accordance with people’s individual choices and preferences. We assess and address people’s needs by looking at their life history, personality, known habits and lifestyle, emotional health and medical conditions.

Ashley Wing
Dementia Nursing

Ashley wing (23 bedrooms) provides care for people who are in the middle to late stages of dementia and require emotional/ psychological support in addition to nursing care for physical and medical conditions. Here, we provide high levels of encouragement and assistance in daily living activities in accordance with individual choices and preferences, and look after people’s medical conditions. We assess and address people’s needs by looking at their life history, personality, known habits and lifestyle, emotional health and medical conditions.

Chester Wing
Dementia / Mental Disorder

Chester wing (23 bedrooms) provides nursing care for people who have dementia and/ or mental disorders that result in complex behavioural issues. Here, residents receive high levels of psychological and nursing assistance and support as well as help in daily living activities. We give support and supervision to prevent or reduce challenging behaviours, as far as possible, and we try to understand the causes or triggers in the context of life history, personality, known habits and lifestyle, emotional health and medical conditions. 

General Nursing

Stanneylands (25 bedrooms) provides care for people with enduring physical conditions or conditions resulting in physical disability. We give support in daily living activities according to people’s remaining abilities, their habits and lifestyle, and their choices and preferences, and we also look after their medical conditions.

Services included in basic fees

  • Accommodation, light, heat and water
  • Individual personal care and support, FNC is retained as nursing charges
  • All meals
  • Laundering of personal clothing and linen
  • Activities and entertainment

Services available at extra cost

  • Dry cleaning if required
  • Hairdressing
  • Chiropody
  • Opticians
  • Dentist
  • Personal clothing
  • Toiletries and other items of luxury or personal nature
  • Outings or day trips
  • Meals provided by the home for a friend or relative
  • Any therapies that are not referred by the NHS
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Phone calls as per individual charges
  • Private healthcare appointments
  • Transport to private outings or appointments

What people said about us.

“An absolutely wonderful home. I hated hospital and was wary coming here but I love it. I prayed to the angels and they brought me here.”RESIDENT

“The staff at all levels are well trained, very caring and show great respect for the resident’s dignity.”: FAMILY MEMBER

“Very enjoyable work environment and the residents are all so friendly. I like talking to them and looking after them”: RELATIVE

“Staff are very understanding, considerate and respectful. I am very satisfied by the healthcare provided. The home is clean and garden is well maintained. I am very pleased with the manager, accessible at all times.”: RELATIVE

“Level of care is excellent. Whole environment is very clean. Management should be congratulated for ensuring regular maintenance. Grounds are exceptionally lovely, beautiful plants, garden, furniture and kept very clean.”: RELATIVE

“The home is a very friendly happy place. I find all members of staff very caring and professional at all times. Doris, Anna and Liz do an excellent job.”: RELATIVE

“The staff always act quickly to any change in Dad’s condition. They are all happy, friendly and approachable. They all work very hard and are kind and caring to clients.”: RELATIVE

“A wide variety of activities are available. The meals are very well prepared and tasty.  My dad always looks well groomed, clean shaven and well-presented whenever any of my sisters or visitors have gone to see my Dad. The healthcare that my Dad receives has always been good and we are kept informed of any changes or accidents he may have had. The home is always welcoming. The staff are polite and attentive to both residents and family and it was a key factor that there weren’t any unpleasant smells when I first visited the home, which is still maintained now. The staff seem happy and professional.”: RELATIVE

Residents Survey 2015

"My husband seems reasonably comfortable and safe".

"All staff are very attentive to the residents, making relatives and visitors feel very welcome."

"Very glad my mum is here, very nice, caring and helpful staff."

"We are very pleased and happy with the level of care and attention given to Dad. We have already recommended Eden Mansions to various people."

What CQC said about us: Excerpts from the September 2013 Inspection Report

Relatives we spoke with during the visit spoke highly of the care provided. Comments included: "My X has been really happy here, he is well looked after" and "Being here gives me piece of mind that my X is being cared for where they have time and experience to know what they are doing and do it well".

We found care was provided in an environment which was modern, clean and well organised. Visitors we spoke with told us: "It is always spotless; I have never seen anything out of place, even when staff are really busy".

Staff we spoke with confirmed the employment process and commented that they received a robust induction and always felt supported. One person said: "I have been here a month I really enjoy it, I feel really well supported as the manager is available at all time even weekends. I had an excellent induction I was shadowing someone until I felt confident. I can say this is the most supported I have felt in any job". Another staff member told us: "I am still on induction and shadowing one of the nurse's. Everything has been great for me as I am newly qualified; here I feel I have time to get to know the role without pressure. I am lucky to be offered this role and the people are lovely".

We noted there were adequate numbers of staff available to give appropriate support, with at least one staff member sitting at each table. Sandwiches and other finger food was available if people did not want the two choices of hot food. We observed the meal was not at all rushed. People were offered second helpings and staff ensured that everyone ate something.