Winfield Lodge

Cedar Care is proud to have recently acquired Winfield Lodge, formally known as Woodland Grove. Winfield Lodge is located in the green-filled Lower Weston area of Bath. Our impressive locale boasts luscious gardens and parks which are home to some of Bath’s many heritage sites.

In order to be conducive to its stunning surroundings, Winfield Lodge is currently undergoing some landscape improvements. This will allow for all of our residents to safely have full use of the home’s naturally leafy back garden and the forecourt for deer spotting! The back garden is also due to feature a tiered landscape with easily accessible paths for all of our residents to enjoy the outdoors.

Winfield lodge is a residential home divided into three wings, each encompassing large en-suite bedrooms complete with generous living areas and individual kitchenettes.

The Everleigh wing; consisting of 11 bedrooms, and the Belevedere wing; consisting of 12 bedrooms are for our residents living with dementia and requiring assistance with activities of daily living.

The Darcy wing; consisting of 24 bedrooms is for our residents requiring residential care.