The Lodge at Oakhill, Bristol: Reablement, Rehabilitation and Respite


The Lodge at Oakhill is open seven days a week, 24-hours a day, providing respite services to residential guests who want to enjoy a holiday while their loved ones or carers are away or taking a break.

Downloads: Reablement & Rehabilitation brochure, Respite brochure

Hotel-like experience

You can sit back, relax, and be waited-on in our luxurious 14-bed facility, which has been renovated in the style of an elegant hotel. We have a hospitality team to pamper you during your stay, and you can also be reassured that any nursing needs you have can be catered for, 24-hours a day. Your hotel-like experience can combine healthcare, therapy and hospitality, benefiting both your mind and body.

Hospitality is key

Our Hospitality Manager and Hospitality Assistants make it their job to get to know your likes and dislikes, to make your short stay that bit more special.

The experience at The Lodge at Oakhill will include:

  • A spacious bedroom with en-suite bathroom
  • An on-site gym
  • A sun patio, sensory garden and walking path
  • A private outdoor sun room, where you can enjoy afternoon tea or a meal
  • An on-site hairdressing salon and chiropodist (a small fee is charged for each service)
  • Temporary registration with our local, partner GP service during you stay (we will notify your GP)

A chance to make new friends – or enjoy independent activities

We also arrange group activities and outings, giving you a chance to make new friends if you wish. Among the activities we organise are group cooking classes, group arts and crafts, gardening, and group games or yoga sessions. The social outings we arrange include trips to the local Blaise Castle Estate, Bristol Zoo, and the Durdham Downs.

If you don’t want to join in our group activities, our hospitality team can organise individual activities especially for you.

Respite with physiotherapy and occupational therapy support

If you would like to strengthen a certain area – for example from an old injury, or perhaps you want to work on that six-pack! – our on-site physiotherapist will draw up a specially tailored programme, just for you.

You’ll be able to enjoy a range of activities and facilities to build your strength and mobility, including:

  • A gym with parallel bars, stairs, wall ladder, weights, therabands, gym ball, basket ball hoop, balance pad, tens machine, various walking aids
  • Our beautiful gardens and walkways, which you can enjoy alone, with support, or through group social activities
  • Light seated yoga sessions and ball/balloon games

All these will help to build your strength, conditioning and physical tolerance.

The finishing touches: on-site hairdressing salon and chiropodist

And once you’re in great physical shape, how about a further bit of pampering and grooming with a visit to our wonderful on-site salon? Guests can arrange an appointment with the hairdresser or the chiropodist – and walk out looking, and feeling like a million dollars.

A luxury hotel-like experience with the reassurance of 24-hour support and care – what a way to experience a respite stay. But be aware, your stay does come with a warning. You may like it so much at The Lodge at Oakhill, that you won’t want to leave.