Functional Mental Health Care

Functional Mental Health Care provides care and services for people with mental disorders other than dementia and includes severe mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar mood disorder. Symptoms of these disorders frequently persist into old age or, less frequently, begin in old age, and they are more likely to experience various difficulties including cognitive impairment, poor physical health, psychiatric comorbidity and social exclusion. The aim is to provide as normal a life as possible promoting independence and autonomy through appropriate support.

Our Homes with Functional Mental Health Care:


Complex Dementia and Mental Disorder

Complex Dementia & Mental Disorder care is for people who have dementia and/ or mental disorders that result in complex behavioural issues. Here, residents receive high levels of psychological and nursing assistance and support as well as help in daily living activities. We give support and supervision to prevent or reduce challenging behaviours, as far as possible, and we try to understand the causes or triggers in the context of life history, personality, known habits and lifestyle, emotional health and medical conditions.

Our Homes with Complex Dementia & Mental Disorder Care:

General Residential and Nursing

General Nursing is for people with enduring physical conditions or conditions resulting in physical disability. The primary aim is to assess needs in the context of remaining abilities, habits and lifestyle. Support or assistance is then provided in daily living according to individual choices and preferences while clinical health risks are managed.

Our Homes with General Nursing Care:

General Residential is for people who no longer feel that they can live independently and feel safer in home with the assistance of healthcare professionals. They may require assistance with administering medication, safely mobilising and/or preparing meals.

Our Homes with General Residential Care: