Wobble Rooms in Cedar Care Homes

Being worried about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the mental health and well-being of our staff, Cedar Care Homes have decided to implement the idea of “wobble rooms” across our homes, wherever it is possible.

The “wobble room” is a designated space where a staff member can come in and have some time off, have a drink, snack, listen to music or share worries with other staff members.

Here are some pictures of our Wobble rooms in Culverhayes, Cedar Park, St. Teresa’s and Winfield Lodge.

A special Thank You to Banes, CITT, Acheson and Acheson (cosmetics company in Trowbridge), Residents of Weston, Bath, Residents of Elizabeth Way in Mangotsfield for donating items for this project! 🌷

“Be Kind to Your Mind”. 🧠❤️