The Lodge at Oakhill, Bristol: Reablement, Rehabilitation and Respite


If you’re looking for a place to recuperate after being in hospital, or being unwell at home – perhaps you’ve had surgery such as a hip replacement, you’ve had a stroke or heart attack, or other accident, injury or illness, we would love to welcome you to The Lodge at Oakhill. Whatever has happened, we will create a programme to help you return to the life you love.

Downloads: Reablement & Rehabilitation brochure, Respite brochure

Our rehabilitation service centres around a physiotherapy programme with significant occupational therapy input, and is ideal for those needing convalescent care, physical rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation/brain injury rehabilitation, orthopaedics rehabilitation (be it following the replacement, fracture or amputation of a hip, knee, shoulder etc.), or rehabilitation after a heart attack or other illness or surgery.

On-site physiotherapist

We have an on-site physiotherapist, five days a week. S/he will take a ‘whole person’ approach to your health and wellbeing, supporting you through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice which takes into account your lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

S/he is a specialist in working with people with a range of conditions including stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, back pain, whiplash, sports injuries, arthritis, chronic heart disease, heart attack, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis so will be able to tailor the support to your specific needs.

Your arrival, welcome and care assessment

When you arrive, you will be welcomed by the nurse and hospitality manager, and a rehabilitation assistant will be available to help you unpack. The nurse will carry out any required nursing assessments. You’ll then be introduced to your physiotherapist as well as your occupational therapist, and will agree a suitable time for initial assessments. During your initial assessment, you’ll be asked about:

  • how you were managing before going into hospital
  • your home circumstances, and if you have any worries about going home (the physiotherapist will also agree a date for a home assessment)
  • your goals for rehabilitation

Your rehabilitation plan

The results of the initial assessment will provide the basis of a tailored, individual treatment plan which will include short-term aims for your stay at The Lodge at Oakhill, and longer-term aims for your return home. Your plan will be specific to you: your age, habits, roles, life-style preferences and home environment. We’ll ensure that you’re capable of being as independent as possible when you return home, and able to complete daily activities safely.

A range of enjoyable physical activities including on-site gym

You’ll be able to enjoy a range of activities and facilities to build your strength and mobility, including:

  • A gym with parallel bars, stairs, wall ladder, weights, therabands, gym ball, basket ball hoop, balance pad, tens machine, various walking aids
  • Our beautiful gardens and walkways, which you can enjoy alone, with support, or through group social activities
  • Light seated yoga sessions and ball/balloon games
  • Outings including trips to the local Blaise Castle Estate, Bristol Zoo, the Durdham Downs

Your progress, assessment and return home

During your stay, our physiotherapist will conduct ongoing assessments such as balance and gait assessments and mobility assessments. We’ll ensure that step-by-step, you regain your strength and mobility. When you’re ready to return home, we’ll advise on any support you may need, from adaptive devices or training for your loved ones/carers, to a care package.