A pattern to our year with monthly themes

We promote a monthly theme throughout our homes to ensure that our activities remain varied and interesting. Themes vary from ‘Harvest and Nature’ to ‘Love and Family’. Food, craft and reminiscence activities are then built around this theme, still leaving time for classic activities such as Bingo and exercise sessions. Everyone, including staff and visitors, are invited to get involved by sharing related items and stories together.

A wide variety of entertainment

We provide a wide range of high quality entertainment for the people living with us. Some of our entertainers specialise in entertainment for people in care, while others work professionally in the entertainment industry. We aim for all our entertainment to have an interactive element so that Residents are as fully involved as possible.

Each home enjoys at least two entertainers every month and the entertainment programme is tailored to suit the needs and capabilities of the homes’ Residents.

Interesting outings

We’re aware of the importance of regular outings for our Residents, and we make sure they’re as enjoyable and interactive as possible. Many include a private tour, a handling session or a craft-based workshop, and we risk assess each trip to make sure our Residents are safe.

Our trips include: Bath Post Office Museum, The SS Great Britain, The Bath Fashion Museum, BBC Bristol TV Studios, The Roman Baths, Bristol Zoo, The Victoria Art Gallery and Bristol Aquarium. We also visit local pubs for lunch and take Residents on shopping trips and outings to local parks.

A variety of therapies

We have recently invested in new equipment for all our homes including specialist games, craft items, musical instruments, reminiscence tools and CD collections.

All of our homes with a specialist dementia wing have state-of-the-art sensory equipment. The mental disorder wings at Culverhayes and Eden Mansions have a sensory room with stimulating lighting, music and sensory objects.

Every home holds regular reminiscence therapy sessions where Residents are encouraged to share memories on a specific subject such as ‘Childhood and Games’. We use pictures and other relevant items to prompt memories.