At Cedar Care we take a holistic approach to care. We believe in empowering individuals to live a full and active life – whatever stage of their journey they are at. Through regular consultations with Residents, families, and our Wellbeing Teams; we encourage Residents to pursue their ambitions and maintain their hobbies with an assigned ‘hobby buddy’ from the care team who shares the same interest. We understand that abilities can change, which is why our teams go the extra mile and consult with each other to ensure that our Resident’s are able to continue to enjoy their hobbies, regardless of the limitations they may encounter.


We believe that living in care should not be a barrier to being involved with one’s local community, in fact, we feel that living in care should optimise your ability to make these connections. We are constantly working to establish and build upon existing links with local schools, nurseries, churches and community centres to ensure that Residents have access to the community around them and are actively involved within it, if they so wish. Within the homes, we maintain strong communities by encouraging our Residents to participate in a range of scheduled weekly group activities as well as themed occasions (specific to the calendar month).


We believe that a healthy, active and stress-free lifestyle is paramount to a greater sense of well-being. We place importance on ensuring that our Residents have the opportunity to exercise daily through physical games, adaptive exercises, physiotherapy and external fitness facilitators. Whilst Residents are encouraged to socialise and participate in the daily goings on; we ensure that quiet, reflective spaces and relaxing sensory areas are also always accessible. A strong emphasis is placed on positive nutrition and we work closely with dieticians to ensure that a balanced, familiar and healthy choice is available for every meal at every stage of care.

Believing in the Best means exactly that. Every aspect of life is taken into consideration here at Cedar Care and we promise to deliver nothing but the best for anyone who chooses to join our family. 

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