At Cedar Care we recognise the importance of good quality, home cooked food. That’s why all food is prepared on the premises by our chefs using fresh ingredients.

We believe our Residents should have as much choice as possible about what they eat and when, so we offer a range of options at various times of the day:

  • Breakfast: The day starts with a choice of cereals, toast, or a full English breakfast
  • During mid-morning and in the afternoon, tea, coffee or a preferred drink can be enjoyed with a selection of biscuits and fruits
  • Lunchtime: In the middle of the day, there is a choice of two main courses and a vegetarian option. We’re also happy to prepare alternatives if none of the day’s choices are suitable
  • Supper: in the evening, we offer a choice of a hot meal, soup of the day, a selection of sandwiches, salads and a selection of desserts
  • Night-time: Drinks are available including hot chocolate, Ovaltine or warm milk. Light snacks are also available if required.

We regularly ask for feedback on everything from the quality of our food to the presentation and atmosphere at meal times. The four-weekly menu cycles are then changed in response to the feedback receive.


We serve hot and cold drinks throughout the day, and water is constantly replenished in bedrooms and lounges. We’re happy for you to bring or order (at a cost) alcoholic drinks, as long as this is acceptable for you on medical grounds.

Protected meal times

During meal times, all activities – apart from serving and assisting with food – are stopped so that our Residents can enjoy their meals in a relaxed environment without interruptions.  We call this ‘protected meal times’.

We encourage family members/representatives to join our Residents for meal times, either to accompany or assist our Residents if they need help.  For this we ask for a nominal contribution to our Resident’s Fund, which is used to enhance the activities and entertainment we provide.

Special diets and religious or cultural tastes

If you need a special diet for your health, or because you have a food intolerance or allergy, our chef is happy to make varied, nutritious meals that suit your specific needs.

We can also cater for you if you have particular requirements due to religious or cultural beliefs, or if you’re simply used to a different style and taste of cuisine.

We gather all this information during discussions in your first week here, but our chef is always pleased to talk to you about the choices available.