David F (Nephew of Resident)

My uncle has been at Winfield Lodge from January 2019. He was very active and liked his own space. Disorientate by vascular dementia, the first few weeks could have been a problem. The staff knew exactly how to defuse the situation, the best way to soothe and reassure. I am impressed by the staff, their training and experience shows. There is a full range of activities available each day. It has given my uncle a new lease of life. The recent refurbishment, still keeping with the style of the building has given it a more up to date feel, lighter and relaxing. It is always a difficult time for a family, but we can see he is well looked after and he seems more relaxed than he did at home.

Jenna Lawton (Staff)

I love working here, especially as the staff are all so friendly and make you feel like a part of the team very easily.

Jean M (Mother of Resident)

Finding a suitable home for my son was very difficult. When Cedar Care agreed to his placement at The Lodge it felt like a little miracle. It is a house in which he is now very happy with lovely kind and caring staff. The sensitive treatment and understanding of the individual make staying at The Lodge very special.