30 years ago, most care homes were often just existing properties that were then converted to provide long term accommodation for those in need of care. More often than not that meant bedrooms were quite small with no room for ensuite facilities. Such a property was never going to successfully meet the demands of providing care for people who through age were frail and vulnerable.

Times have changed and so have care homes. Many now provide exceptional levels of care, comfort and security in attractive, purpose built, well equipped accommodation. Cedar Care lead the way in this respect and have been at the forefront of care home development for over 30 years.

Compared to previous generations we’re all now living longer and as such the onset of dementia or a chronic health condition has become the main concern for older people. Should this happen, most quite rightly would like to stay in their home if at all possible and homecare can often help. However, the benefits of a modern, professionally run residential care home for those needing additional care and support can often outweigh the reassurance of remaining at home. Why is this?

Safety is paramount

More often than not, the main reason why someone is moved to a care home is the concern over their safety. Particularly if they live alone. When simple things like climbing the stairs, taking a bath or using a cooker pose a risk, living at home is no longer an option. A care home takes away that worry. It provides a safe haven for those in need. One in which they’re looked after by caring, attentive staff. Should they have a medical condition that requires constant monitoring to prevent their health from deteriorating, a nursing home with its fully qualified nurses can provide round the clock care.

Keeping warm is essential

Trying to stay warm in the home is one of the biggest struggles as we get older. On average, at least 25,000 older people in the UK die prematurely from cold related illnesses ever year. Living alone exacerbates the problem as there is no one there to notice the onset of hypothermia. Thankfully care homes are heated to provide an optimum temperature for residents to feel comfortable throughout the year.

Nutrition is key to health

So often forgetting to eat, lack of inclination to cook for themselves and a subsequent loss of weight can be a sign that an older person is not just depressed but struggling to cope. Eating a proper, nutritious meal is especially important as we get older as it helps keep us healthy. In a care home this provided three times a day using fresh seasonal produce that enables them to offer a wide and ever-changing menu. Meals are something residents look forward and act as a reason for them to gather at the dinner table for a friendly chat.

Staying active can be fun

Keeping the brain stimulated and the body active makes such a difference to a happy life in old age. Care homes are great at ensuring residents have lots of different activities to choose from including local walks, baking, gentle exercises, quizzes, music sessions, day trips, bingo – the list goes on and on. Residents are encouraged and supported to maintain their hobbies and lifestyle or pursue new interests.

A little bit of home can be comforting

Saying goodbye to a home that has meant so much for so long is difficult. So, to comfort residents, care homes often allow them to bring a small  amount of furniture and pictures with them to help their room feel more personal. Quite often, they can also redecorate it in the colour of their choice. In addition, if someone has had a pet as a companion at home, depending on the care home’s policy, they can be catered for as well.

All this and more awaits you at Cedar Care’s Newly Opened Home

Dearbourne Manor in Westbury-on-Trym is a luxury care home designed to be a homely and stimulating environment for residents. Our approach to healthcare and hospitality has enabled us to push the boundaries and provide the very best experience in care and hospitality. Facilities are tailored to improve and enrich the quality of life of our residents needing rehabilitation, residential, dementia or care needs.

Hairdressing Salon and Barbers

We aim to offer a vibrant and active lifestyle too with a wide range of amenities, interests and pursuits. Residents can catch a movie in the home cinema, get a bite at the lounge and bistro or unwind at the library corner. There is also a hairdressing salon and barber’s, a multipurpose corner shop and assisted bathrooms designed to provide sensory ‘spa experiences’.

Comfortable Lounge area

The secure grounds comprise of a sensory garden along with a rose garden, pergolas, a rock garden and pond.

“I think it’s better to live at Dearbourne rather than at home as I have the company of the staff and the residents.”

Dearbourne Manor provides for three different types and levels of care and support.

  • The Ashton Wing, ground floor, will accommodate people for rehabilitation, convalescence or respite stays.
  • The Blaise Wing, first floor is for residents living with dementia whose primary needs are emotional support and assistance in activities of daily living.
  • The Clifton Wing on the second floor will accommodate residents with or without dementia whose primary needs are medical and clinical care management.

We would like to welcome you to Dearbourne Manor, whether you’re considering long or short-term stays, so we can show you what we have to offer.
Call 0117 462 1952 or email us on info@cedarcarehomes.com