Oakhill Mansions

Oakhill Mansions – electric drum set

The Oakhill Mansions team decided to take music to another level. They managed to get an electric drum set, and it has been popular between the residents and the staff. After a recent piano arrival, they are just a bass guitar away from their own Oakhill soft rock band. You can see a short clip of “the rehearsals”.

“Zoo to You” in our Homes!

Yesterday at Oakhill Mansions Nursing Home we had an exciting visit from Bristol Zoo Gardens. Our residents and staff had the pleasure of meeting Lilly, a very friendly spider, a Giant Tiger snail, a glamorous stick insect and a lovely pair of giant cockroaches. Our residents bravely held and stroked all the animals and learned a lot of interesting facts about them.

The Zoo to You Sessions will continue this and next week around all of our care homes in Bristol.

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